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    Overview of LAT’s Factory Automation System

    As for the factory automation, basing on 20 years of accumulated know-how, LAT provides the total solution for automation of CIM-PLC Control Facility area

    CIM(Computer Integrated Manufacturing)

    Utilizing computer , through total manufacturing system with connection of MES, CIM provides all required information for production line. And it manages line operation recipe and provides tools which monitor status of manufacturing line.

    PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)

    PLC operates and controls automation the facility of manufacturing line and, it provides solutions for all PLC control protocol, such as Mitsubishi, Omron, LS and etc.

    Automation Facility

    LAT provides total solution, i.e. consulting, design, electric system and manufacturing, for the automation facility

    Factory Automation System for FPD(Flat Panel Display) Industry

    FPD manufacturing process is done with thin(0.4t~1.27) large size [270mmx360mm(1st generation) ~ 2940mmx3370mm(11th generation)] glass material in the clean room(class100~class1000). Therefore, all manufacturing lines are operated at full automation line. Several processes are bundled and operated like one process, this full automated bundled process line is named as Inline System. LAT’s Inline System has been applied to approx. 500 manufacturing line at domestic and international, and at the line consulting, from line setup to customer service, we provide the best service on them.

    Types of FPD Industry Inline System
    Equipment Description
    Indexer (Loader/Unloader) Facility to input Glass at the Line, which is loaded in the cassette. Glass is handled by robot
    Feeder Facility to input Glass which is loaded at Wire-method cassette to Line, it’s for returning Glass to conveyor
    Robot Transfer Fence (TRF) Safety fence to control robot for Glass return
    Conveyor Basic facility for moving Glass on the plane using the roller. Through combining rotation, reversal and etc., various types of CV’s are available, for example, Divert(Traverse) CV, Turn CV, Pin-up Turn CV, Gate CV, Shuttle CV and etc.
    Turn Unit Glass Rotating Unit
    Turn Over Unit Glass Reversing Unit
    Align Pass Unit Facility to align Glass and robot pass
    Buffer (BFF) Facility for Glass loading and storing
    Wire Buffer Storage facility to store Glass at Wire Type Buffer, it’s a facility combined with conveyer returning unit

    Factory Automation System of Industry of F&B(Food and Beverage), Cosmetics, Medical

    Along with beginning of 4th industry revolution, LAT challenges to weak industry of existing domestic factory automation business, e.g. food, cosmetics, medical and etc.

    Miscellaneous Automation System
    Industry Equipment & Major Customers
    F&B Developing Container Auto-Inserter, Petit Scale(solid auto-inserter) and etc.
    Cosmetics Cosmetics Container Inserter & Packing Automation System
    Medical Optical Automatic Inspector of Tablet and Capsule
    Unmanned Return Robot Self-moving Robot (Collaborating with OMRON Corporation, apply Self-moving Robot at the automation system and commercialize it