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    Manufacturing Gaphene Film and Developing Products

    LAT succeeded manufacturing Graphene by CVD(Chemical Vapor Deposition) method. And LAT invested for establishing various kinds of Graphene film manufacturing line. Also, LAT is proceeding material business as well as R&D for various kind of application of products

    Developing GLO (Graphene Lift Off) Process
    Among the OLED manufacturing processes, instead of LLO(Laser Lift Off) process which requires expensive investment and maintenance facility. We have developed GLO adopting process and device, and in case of adopting these, customer can save prime cost dramatically.
    Remark: GLO (Graphene Lift Off: The method which separates and transfer Graphene at glass substrate OLED panel physically without LLO process
    Miscellaneous Graphene Film application product

    Base Sheet for Electro-Forming

    Transparent Electrode: Flexible/Transparent Display Touch Panel

    Transparent Film Speaker

    Smart Window Electrode

    Transparent Heating Film

    PCL DSS Graphene Dome Sheet and etc.